Thank You to Our Donors

The Arts Partnership is extremely grateful for every donor that supports our ability to fulfill our mission, from the Tri-Cities to businesses to the many individuals who #SupportLocalArt each year. 

These lists represent donors over the prior 12 months and are updated in January and July.

All our donors are important to us. Our individual donor list below represents donors from the 2022 calendar year. If you donated in 2022 but do not see your name listed, please contact us.

Government Support

The Cities of Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo support the City Arts Partnership Grants program, while the North Dakota Council on the Arts provides institutional support.

Business Supporters

$40,000 and above

Local and regional businesses and foundations support our programs and general operations with significant monetary support or its equivalent in the form of in-kind donations.

Thanks to West Acres, which underwrites Aptitude, our artist studios located in the mall.

$7,500 – $12,500

$1,000 – $5,000

Employee Matching Funds

Sandy’s Tax Service*


$250 – $750

* denotes in-kind donation

Individual Supporters

$7,500 – $12,500

Julie Blehm
Shirley and Bob Montgomery

$2,000 – $5,000

Dayna Del Val and Andrew Mazz Marry
David Hasbargen and Wayne Zimmerman
Dan Leeaphon and Laura Fulop
Sally McCravey and Philip Henry
Roger Minch
Shirley Nelson
Kathleen Neugebauer
Carol and Brad Schlossman

$750 – $1,999

David and Mary Batcheller
Patricia and Burton Belknap
Linda Boyd
Julie Burgum
Melissa Burkland
Tom and Georgia Dawson
Samantha de Silva +++
Christi McGeorge
Tracey and Richard Moorhead
Muriel and Joe Richardson
William Roden
Gina Sandgren
Jane Schuh
Scott Seiler
Judith and Stephen Spellman
Shelley Szudera and Kurt Kopperud
Shyla and Josh Thompson
Melissa Tomlinson and Rachel Asleson
Ene and Nick Vogel

+++ In memory of Milton Yergens

$500 – $749

Jane and Thomas Ahlin
Steve and Amy Baenen
Tania Blanich
Betsy and Jon Ewen
Carrie and Jessie Feigum
Bill and Marilyn Guy
Mark and Gwen Halaas
Beth Heller
Gwen Hoberg and Bruce Ringstrom, Jr. 
Deb and Scott Johnson
Tammy and Stephen Linn
Andrew and Miriam Mara
Lauris Molbert
Austin and Laura Morris
Kendra and Matt O’Brien
Michael and Martha Olsen
Susan and Daniel Pederson
Marcia and Ken Retzer
Denis and Nelson Richardson
Jeffrey Robinson
Karin Rudd
Janelle Sanda and Bob Arusell
Robert and Nancy Schlomann
Karen Stoker
Jane Winston and Roger Grimm

$250 – $499

Margie and Richard Bailly
Cynthia and David Baumgardner
Ann Braaten
Shelly and Ron Carlson
David Clardy
Clare and Marv Degerness
Jan Feder
Gary and Amie Haugo
Maureen and Martin Jonason
Angelique Kube and Barry Scribner
Earnest Lamb
Teri-Lee and Evan James
Brandi Jo Malarkey*
Tim and Ann McLarnen
Ron and Sue Miller
Martha Moore
Hugo Sarmiento and Peter Van Eerden
Kay Schwartzwalter and Paul Gleye
Erica Serquina
Sue Springler
Sandy Thiel
Jeff Walkinshaw
Jeff Walkowski and Jeff Wyant

*Denotes in-kind donation

$150 – $249

Valerie Axt
Jane Capistran
Rose and Travis Dunn +
Noah Ford-Dunker
Zhimin Guan
Nikkie Gullickson
David Hamilton and Bernie Erickson
Sally and David Harmon
Mitch Hoffarth and Karen Olson
Joan Justesen
Lori and Hardy Koenig
Barry and Sandra Kutzer
Michal and Chuck Lang
Michael Lochow
Timothy Mahoney
Danica McDonald
Jon and Marie Offutt
Gene and Rennitta Okerlund
Michael Olson
Larry Peterson and Mary Struck 
Davis Scott
Anne Thurmer
Lynn Tkachuk
Rooth Varland and Sigurd Johnsons
Anne Zarling
+ In memory of Beverly Halbeisen Blanich

$75 – $149

Ken and Rose Andersen
Brad and Sue Bachmeier
Alyson and Mark Bjornstad
Eloise Breikjern
Pamela Burns
Andrew Byrnes
Virginia Dambach
Sue and Clay Ellingson
Jay Evans
Jeremiah Gard and Ricky Greenwell
Margaret Gaynor
Dianne and Gregory Gibb
Charlie and Helen Grommesh
Debra Haarsager
Roy and Peggy Hammerling
Tim and Nancy Kelly
Theodore Kleiman
James Konrady++
Nancy Leier
Shirley Leiphon
Mari McCullough
Laetitia Mizero Hellerud
Pamela O’Leary
Sara Owens-Granger
Joni Janz Peterson 
Eric Peterson
Janet Peterson
Beth Postema
Cairn Reisch
Carol Rogne
Ron Saeger
John and Sherri Stern
John and Emily Williams-Wheeler
Jack Yakowicz
++ In memory of Robert Wagner

Under $100

Joshua Boschee
Monika Browne-Ecker
Susan Curtis
Jennifer Donahue
Marcy Dronen
Chuck Fremstad ++
Rick Gion
Kara Hadley
Paul Harris
Paul Hegland
Willy and Arland Jacobson ++++
Jason Jundt
Leah Kastner
Jeff Knight
Carolyn Koesterman
Mari Krag ++
Joe Larson
Janelle Leiseth
Judy Lewis
John Machacek
Naomi Nakamoto
Nicholas Porbansky ++
Birgit Pruess
Paul Richard ++
Ann and Tom Riley
Sheri Schrock
Gary and Yvonne Smith
Meridee Erickson-Stowman
Jamie Westbrook ++
Carl Wichman
Casey Wollschlaeger ++

++ In memory of Robert Wagner

++++ In memory of Richard Seitz


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