*To purchase shares for CSA Season 2020, simply fill in the required information and add the price of the type of share you would like ($500 for the full package, OR $300 to enjoy food, drink and experiences but NOT take home art pieces, OR $175 for an individual share in May, July or September). To finish your purchase, CLICK DONATE!

The arts add vibrancy to our community, contribute to our quality of life, boost our economy and so much more, and The Arts Partnership works all day every day to #supportlocalart and the artists who make it. But we need you to be a partner in this work. Please make a donation to The Arts Partnership today!

As the umbrella organization for the arts in Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo, our mission is to cultivate the community through the arts.

We live our mission and values by communicating about the arts, advocating for the arts and giving grants to artists and organizations that make the Metro a vibrant and attractive place to live, work and play. We also create a sense of community through art through our programs ArtWORKS, ChalkFest, Community Supported Art and Aptitude, a creative incubator at West Acres.

When you give to The Arts Partnership, you are supporting ALL local art.

You can also support us by making The Arts Partnership your preferred nonprofit organization through Amazon Smile.

We use Paypal to process online credit card transactions (CSA payments, donations, etc.). You do not need a Paypal account to use it. Look for a link that allows you to use your major credit card to process your transaction.

If you need assistance, email our Director of Operations Tania Blanich at tania@theartspartnership.net or call our office at 701.237.6133.

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